Barlow girl

Hello Sunshine

Barlow girl

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Hello Sunshine

	  		Intro: F C F C 

F            C                F 
Hello sunshine it's been too long 
       C               Dm        Gm        C9 
since I felt your beautifull warmth upon my face 
       F            C 
And how much have I missed 
          F                C               Dm        Gm 
'Cause I have been focused on everything wrong 
       C9                   Gm     Bb9 
This road just felt so long 
 F      C9  Gm   Bb9      F    C9 
I forgot to lift my head to see you 

F C Bb9 Oh my lovely F C Bb9 Shining for me Gm Bb9 C9 Let my eyes see all the beauty C9 Oh-oh
F C F Hello sunshine since the moment C Dm Gm That I felt your beautiful warmth C9 F C I knew that I'd do anything F C F To keep this feeling of you C Dm My heart comes alive Gm Bb9 F C9 Gm Oh who could add a day to this life Bb9 F C9 Gm Bb9 By drowning every dark sky (Chorus) F C Bb9 Oh my lovely F C Bb9 Shining for me Gm Bb9 C9 Let my eyes see all the beauty C9 Oh-oh F C Bb9 Fill my dark skies F C Bb9 Make me see the light Gm Bb9 C9 Life is fine so bring in the sunshine C9 Oh-oh
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(SOLO) e----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B-10--13-15-13----------------------10--13-15-13----------------------10--11-11-11---------------------11-11-9-10- G--------------------12---14-14-14---------------------12---14-14-14--------------------------------------------------------- D------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12--12--9--9------------------ A----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- e-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10--18--10--12--12--13--15 B-10--13-15-13----------------------10--13-15-13----------------------10--11-11-11-------------------------------------- G--------------------12---14-14-14---------------------12---14-14-14---------------------------------------------------------- D----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(bridge) Gm Bb9 C9 F Let in the, let in the sunshine Gm Bb9 C9 F whoa-oh, let in the sunshine Gm Bb9 C9 F Let in the, let in the sunshine Gm Bb9 C9 F whoa-oh, let in the sunshine

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