Barclay James Harvest

Poor Boy Blues

Barclay James Harvest

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Poor Boy Blues


      C              G  
It's easy to see a poor boy's blues 
             Am          G 
When he's working every day 
       C                 G 
It's harder to be there in his shoes 
        Am              G 
He was born to be that way  

Verse 1: 

       G        C G         Am  
If I tell you tomorrow I'm leaving 
               D                 G  
Would you understand the reason why? 
                  C    G        Am 
A poor boy works hard for his living 
                    D                G 
But a rich man he plays to pass the time  

Am C G G/F# Em So goodbye, pleased to know you Am C G We had some laughs along the way Am C G G/F# Em But I have to be leaving Am D And there's nothing you can do to make me stay
Repeat verse 1 and Chorus

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