Barclay James Harvest

Little Lapwing

Barclay James Harvest

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Little Lapwing

Capo on 4th fret

Intro: D G (x4) 

verse 1 

D    G    D 
Bye, bye, bye 
    G                   D         Bm 
The time has come round again, my friend 
  Em                   D          A 
A life and some time I just gotta spend 
   G        D  G 
So bye bye, my friend 


verse 2 
D   G   D 
See you again 
   G                     D         Bm 
My mind in my pocket the sun in my eye 
There's gold in the mountains 
    D           A 
The streams run by 
   G         D 
So see you again 

G D 

F#m  Em   
F#m  D G   

verse 3 

D     G          D 
Swing low, swing high 
G                      D            Bm 
Talk of the times, the love and the laughing 
     Em                      D              A 
I'll come back to you in the spring, little lapwing 
G              D 
Till then, bye bye 

G  D   G  Bm  Em  D  A 

G  D  x4 

G   D   G  Bm  Em  D  A x2 

G D 

   Repeat and Fade Out...........  

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