Banda Adjomar

Daughter Of The Shadows

Banda Adjomar

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Daughter Of The Shadows

	  		Intro: D5 
       D5  G5  F5  D5 

D5        G5                    F5          D5 
Some time walking around in the road of the world 
  D5                         G5                   F5       D5 
I saw a man in black Getting down from a roof and biting a girl 
    D5              G5                    F5    D5 
He stared at me and for a brief moment I felt a shiver 
     D5          G5                       F5           D5 
The girl fell I tried to help her but she was cold and pale 
     D5        G5                        F5  D5 
She pulled me calling his father on her last Breath 
   D5       G5                F5            D5 
I could do nothing she closed her eyes and passed away 
D5          G5               F5                  D5 
If I stood there with her I would be accused of murder 
   D5            G5                   F5           D5 
I left the place with the scene on my mind all the time 

Solo: D5 
      D5  G5  F5  D5 

D5                 G5               F5            D5 
On the next day I went to the place but there was Nothing 
   D5           G5           F5  D5 
I felt relieved maybe I had Only Dreamed 
    D5                  G5                      F5                     D5 
The night came down and through the shadows a familiar silhouette came out 
 D5                    G5                      F5         D5 
While it approached I stood there freezed She hugged me Seducing me 
   D5          G5         F5        D5 
I didn't know what to do While she Kissed me 
D5                      G5              F5                     D5 
With a hungry tone she thanked me then nailed her teeth on my skin 
       D5           G5        F5       D5 
Death took me away While she was Satisfied 

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