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Honest Goodbye Chords

Bad Religion

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by aman%5Fclaudino

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Honest Goodbye

  		F           G            Am                E      F    
Now get up and give in I?ll crack your knuckles again 
        G         C 
Supplicate and survive this transubstantiation 
F        E   Am   F           G           C 
And get so mean - I want to know what it means 
F                            E 
(Did you laugh?) You know I did 
           Am                      C 
(Did you cry?) I couldn?t get it right 
                 F              E 
(Did you live?) Always on the edge 
                 Am             C 
(Did you lie?) Causing such a fright 
                 F         E 
(Did you love?) Oh to be forgiven 
                 C      Am          F 
(Did you try?) But it wouldn?t be right 
F                      G       C 
God it feels like an honest goodbye 
F    Am  C    G   F   G    Am   C 
Whoa ho ooh whoa ooh whoa ooh whoa 
F      E    Am       E              F    E     Am     E      F   E   Am 
That sick brass boy day dreamin? - cry baby convict demon Hands so clean -  
         F            E       Am          F 
A sympathetic cold blooded killing machine 
F        E           Am    F           E            C 
How did you get so mean? - I want to know what it means? 


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