Bad Religion

God Songs

Bad Religion

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God Songs


Em C C C 
Em D B B 

Em C Em 
G   F#  Em            C       Em 
And did those feet in ancient times 
G    F# Em  D     B           Em      
Trod on America's pastures of green? 
G   F#  Em           C       Em 
And did that anthropocentric god wane 
G    F# Em D            B           Em      
With their thoughts and beliefs all unseen? 

G F# D Dsus4 I don't think so, D Em C Em He's up there with the others lying low G F# D Dsus4 Vying with those B who you've traded your life to bless your soul.
(VERSE) Em C Em G F# Em C Em And have they told you how to think G F# Em D B Em Cleansed your mind of sepsis and autonomy? G F# Em C Em Or have you escaped scrutiny G F# Em D B Em And regaled yourself with depravity?
G F# D Dsus4 Now we all see D Em C Em Religion is just synthetic frippery G F# D Dsus4 Unnecessary B G F# Em In our expanding global cultural efficiency.
(SOLO - the chords are the same as for the verse)
G F# D Dsus4 And don't you fear D Em C Em this impasse we have built to our future? G F# D Dsus4 Ever so near, B And oh so austere.
(OUTRO) (same as the intro) Em C C C Em D B B

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chords Bad Religion - God Songs
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