Bad City

Fight As One Avengers

Bad City

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Fight As One Avengers


Bm                      D 
   Our world?s about to break  
D     A             Bm 
   Tormented and attacked 
Bm                    D 
   Lost from when we wake 
D       A            Bm 
   With no way to go back 
Bm                    D 
   I'm standing on my own 
D      A             G 
   But now I'm not alone 
     (Avengers! Assemble!) 

D Bm A Always we will fight as one G D Till the battle's won Bm A With evil on the run G D We never come undone Bm A Assemble, we are strong G D Forever fight as one Bm A Assembled we are strong G Bm Forever fight as one

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chords Bad City - Fight As One Avengers
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