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Backstreet Boys

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by peter

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Year: 2005 - Album: Never Gone

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F#m E---2-----------------| A---4-----------------| D---4--------4--------| G---2-----------------| B---------------------| e---------------------| C#m E-------4----------------| A-------4----------------| D-------6---6-------2----| G------------------------| B------------------------| e------------------------| E E------0------------------| A------2------------------| D------2-------2----------| G----- 1------------------| B-------------------------| e-------------------------| B E------------------------------| A---------------------6----4---| D------------------------------| G----4-----4-------2-----------| B------------------------------| e------------------------------|
F#m C#m Empty spaces E B Fill me up with holes F#m C#m E Distant faces B With no place left to go F#m C#m Without you within me E B I can't find no rest F#m C#m E B A Where I'm going is anybody's guess
C#m E I've tried B A To go on like I never knew you C#m E I'm awake B But my world is half asleep C#m E I pray B For this heart to be unbroken A C#m B But without you all I'm going to be is
In-com-plete F#m C#m E B Voices tell me I should carry on But I am swimming In an ocean all alone Baby, my baby It's written on your face You still wonder If we made a big mistake Chorus C#m B I don't mean to drag it on B A But I can't seem to let you go C#m B F#m I don't wanna make you face this world aloooone C#m into chorus Chorus Incomplete... (2x)

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