Babbie Mason

With All My Heart

Babbie Mason

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With All My Heart


verse 1: 
In this quite place with you 
I bow before your throne 
I bear the deepest part of me 
To you and you alone 
I keep no secrets 

For there is no thought 
That you have known 
I bring my best and all the rest 
   B                    A 
To you I lay them down 

E With all my heart A I want to love you Lord F#m And live my life B Each day to know you more E C#m All that is in me F# F#7 Is yours completely E A I'll serve you only E A With all my heart
verse 2: E You faithfully supply my needs A According to your plans F#m So help me Lord to seek your face B Before I seek your hand E And trust you know what 's best for me A When I don't understand F#m Then follow in obedience B A In every circumstance Repeat Chorus End: E A A E A I'll serve you only, with all my heart To God be all the glory.. Amen..

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