Azad Right


Azad Right

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	  		verse 1 
F                 Dm   F#7 
Taking off your jammies 
F                 Dm    F#7 
Taking off your panties 
F                               Dm       F#7     F 
Girl if you nervous, pop a xannie, close the curtains 
F                                   Dm   F#7 
Shit, I'm certain that I'll handle you just perfect 
F                      Dm  F#7 
Lay yo' ass down baby, decline 
F                             Dm   F#7 
Said you tryna bond well it's, deep time 
F                              Dm   F#7 
Whole pack of mags we goin', three times 
F                               Dm  F#7 
Wake up in the morning then we, rewind 
F                                      Dm  F#7 
Bitches hit my phone, i let you press de-cline 
F                                       Dm    F#7 
All up on my dick, I tell them bitches keep climbing 
F                                    Dm    F#7 
Nevermind them ladies baby you just keep grinding 
F                                Dm  F#7 
Pussy so sweet, said that pussy so sweet 
F                                 Dm  F#7 
My banana split ya when I'm going so deep 
F                                 Dm  F#7 
Baby let me lick it put my tongue so deep 
F                              Dm       F#7 
Baby let me lick it like a strawberry swisher 
F                                    Dm       F#7 
Damn that pussy so sweet, make that pussy go sleep 

verse 2 
F                           Dm    F#7 
Straight to the pool, i'ma dive in ya 
F                                             Dm    F#7 
Your waters feeling holy and I hope that I drown in ya 
F                                  Dm    F#7 
On a mission with a loaded clip and a silencer 
                    F                                    Dm    F#7 
When I hit you it's kameh hameh, cause girl I got rounds for ya 
F                                     Dm    F#7 
Name another brother fly as me in my age bracket 
F                                    Dm    F#7 
I can tour at any given time girl I stay packing 
F                                          Dm    F#7 
Two or three bitches on my side that's a great habit 
F                                               Dm    F#7 
Trendsetter, by the time it hits, shit I'm way passed it 
F                                   Dm    F#7 
Baby girl you spicy, is you from Nawlins? 
F                                   Dm    F#7 
Yeah I know you like me, why you keep stalling 
F                                Dm    F#7 
Sugar honey ice tea, your pussy keep calling 
F                                       Dm           F#7 
Begging me like pocket aces so I put it all in, she falling 
F                                    Dm       F#7 
The coldest spitta, I belong in the '90s and shit 
 F                            Dm          F#7 
Went from top ramen, to the top without rhyming about chains and drops 
F                                Dm    F#7 
Now I'm in the spot, getting commas and shit 
F                           Dm        F#7 
So keep your comments to yourself, A Right 

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