Avril Lavigne

Sk8er Boy

Avril Lavigne

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Sk8er Boy

(Avril Lavigne / Lauren Christy / Scott Alspach / Gram Edward)

	  		D            A              Bm   
  He was a boy, she was a girl  
  Can I make it anymore obvious?  
D           A              Bm   
  He was a punk, she did ballet  
  What more can I say?  
  D            A              Bm   
  He wanted her, but she'd never tell  
  Secretly she wanted him as well  
  D            A                     Bm   
  all of her friends stuck up their nose  
  They had a problem with his baggy clothes  
F                 C  
  He was a sk8ter boi  
  She said see ya later boi  
             A          E   F  
  He wasn't good enough for her  
  She had a pretty face  
  But her head was up in space  
                A                 Bb  
  She needed to come back down to earth  
Five days from now,  
She sits at a home,  
Feeding the baby, she's all alone  
She turns on TV,  
Guess who she sees?  
Sk8er boi rockin'up MTV  
She calls up her friends, 
They already know  
And they've all got tickets to see his show  
She tags along, Stands in the crowd  
Looks up at the man that she turned down.  
He was a skater boi  
She said see you later boy, 
He wasn't good enough for her  
Now he's a super star,  
Slamming on his guitar  
to show pretty face see what he's worth (2x)  
Dm                         F                                    C  
Sorry girl but you missed out, Well tough luck that boy's mine now  
                            Bb             A              Dm     
We are more than just good friends,This is how the story ends  
                          F                               C  
Too bad that you couldn't see, I See the man that boy could be  
                              Bb           A  
There is more than meets the eye, I see the soul that is inside.  
He's just a boy, And I'm just a girl  
Can I make it any more obvious,  
We are in love, Haven't you heard?  
How we rock each others world!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
     F            C                          Bb  
	I'm with the sk8er boy, I said see you later boi   
                      A                     F               C  
	I'll be back stage after the show, I'll be at the studio  
                     Bb                    A                Bb  
	Singing the song we wrote, About a girl you used to know.(2X)  


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