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Adia Chords

Avril Lavigne

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by mich%5Fgoncalves

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	  Bm     G/B            D
Adia I do believe I failed you
Bm     G/B                 F#m    
Adia I know Iíve let you down
Bm               G/B
Donít you know I tried so hard
D                 Em
To love you in my way
G/B            	D	    A
Itís easy let it go...

Bm       G/B               D
Adia Iím empty since you left me
Bm               G/B            F#m
Trying to find a way to carry on
Bm                    G/B
I searched myself and everyone
   D                 A
To see where we went wrong
G/B                      Em
Thereís no one left to finger
D                  G/B
Thereís no here to blame
Em                     A
Thereís no one left to talk to honey
	    D            G/B           Em         A
And there aint no one to buy our innocence


	     D        F#m
Cause we are born innocent
Believe me Adia
   A             D
We are still innocent
     G/B            Em
Itís easy, we all falter
Does it matter

Bm     G/B                     D
Adia I thought that we could make it
Bm             G                  F#m
I know I canít change the way you feel
Bm                  G/B
Leave you with your misery
D                  A
A friend who wonít betray
G/B                  Em
Pull you from your tower
D                 A
Iíd take away the pain
Em               G/B
Show you all the beauty youíd possess
Em            G/B              A 
If youíd only let yourself believe 


Believe me Adia
   A             D
We are still innocent

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