Audrey Assad

The Way You Move

Audrey Assad

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The Way You Move


C       G/B             C/A     G 
All I know, that the hardest part of  
C/E             Cm/Eb           G/B     C/D 
love is not the Things I have to give, no 
        C/E     G/D     C/D             G/D      
It's what I give up, I'm giving up ground and I'm 
C/E             Cm/Eb           G/D     B/Eb 
trading in my solitude for safety now. 

Em      G/D             C   C/C#  D                      
All my pride, it doesn't stand a chance  
Em      G/D                     C   C/C#        D 
against the way you move, you're tearing up roots and 
Em              D       C               G/B             A 
breaking down walls, and I don't stand a chance at all  
Eb              C/D     G  (C  Em  Em/Eb  Em) 
against the way you move 

                                no oh 
C/Eb    G/D     C       G/B     C/A     G 

C       G/B             C/A     G 
You're like a lion, standing in my house, 
C/E             Cm/Eb           G/B     C/D 
And you're taking off the doors on your way in, 
        C/E     G/D     C/D             G/D      
I got nothing left to hide behind. 
        C/E             Cm/Eb           G/D     B/Eb 
You're reading all my faith and all my fear in my eyes 

G/D     C 
no no no, 
        Em  Em/Eb  Em  
how you move 
G/D     C 
no no, 
la da la da la da 

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