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A                              C#m 
Livin' in the back of my van 
F#m                          D 
Meatloaf is my favorite band 
  A                                  C#m 
And Brady is my number 1 family 
But not those football jocks 
I'm talkin' bout Marcia and Cindy 

A C#m I'm the bomb dot com F#m D Extra explosive A C#m Goin' apeshit like I'm King Kong F#m D Potassium loaded A C#m Na na na na na na F#m D Extra explosive A C#m Ba na na na na na na na F#m D Potassium loaded
verse 2 Sippin' on some good ass sprite Twist it with the gin and make it tight Kardashian my second favorite family But I just can't keep up with them when I'm being Miley Chorus I'm the bomb dot com Extra explosive Goin' apeshit like I'm King Kong Potassium loaded Na na na na na na Extra explosive Ba na na na na na na na Potassium loaded

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