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What Is Life Without Love Chords

Arnold Eddy

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What Is Life Without Love

  		F What is life without love 
What is Bb love without you 
Why C7 dream if they never come F true 
Why try to go on 
When your Bb only hopes are gone 
C7}Darlin'  what is life without F love 
Somehow I can't forget 
The first day that we met 
You were something from heaven above 
Now I'm asking you sweetheart 
And it's straight from my heart 
Darlin' what is life without love 
All alone how I yearn 
That someday you'll return 
And be true as the stars up above 
If you'll only say you'll try 
Then I'll be satisfied 
Darlin' what is life without love 
Repeat 1st verse 


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