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What Now My Love Chords

Aretha Franklin

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What Now My Love

(Pierre Delano and Gilbert Becaud)

Em7                   D                                    
What now, my   love  
                             G6 D6   
Now that you've left me 
                 Em7 A4/7                    A7     D7M    G6  
How can I live           through another day 
Em7                  D                        G  D6 
Watching  my  dreams, turn into ashes 
               Em7 A4/7           A7      D    D7M   D7 
And my hopes         into bits of clay 
                      Em7 A7                       F#m Bm7 
Once I could see,         once I could feel 
                Em7   A4/7       Em7 A7  D     D7M    
Now I'm numb,    I've become   unreal 
   D7          Gm7  C7              F7M    A#7M 
I walk the night      without a goal 
    A#6               Gm6       Gdim    Em7 A4/7  A7 
Stripped of my heart,        my       soul 
Em7                   D                          
What now, my   love   
                 G6  D6   
Now that it's over 
                 Em7 A4/7                 A7 D7M    G6  
I feel the world          closing in on me 
Em7                    D                            G6     D6   
Here come  the stars        tumbling around me 
                   Em7    A4/7                   A7        D   D7M  D7 
There's the sky            where the sea should be 
                         Em7 A7                               
What now, my love        
                            F#m7  Bm7 
Now that you're gone 
              Em7    A7      Em7  A7   D   D7M   
I'd be a fool       to  go   on    and on 
       D7            Gm7  A7                     F7M  A#7M 
No one would care,       no one would cry 
A#6            Em7  G#dim Em7 A7 Em7 
If I should live    or          die 
Em7                   D                          
What now, my  love?         
                     G6  D6   
Now there is nothing 
                Em7        A7  A9    D7M D6 D7M D6 
Only my last,   my last  goodbye 

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