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Rock-a-bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody Chords

Aretha Franklin

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Rock-a-bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody

(Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young and Jean Schwartz)

 A    Edim E7  Cdim A       Cdim A  D9   E7 Fdim E7  E7/9 
Rock-a-bye    your   baby    with    a    Dixie    melody  
 D9        E7   Bm5-/7    E7   D        F#m     A9       E 
When you croon, croon a tune from the heart of Dixie 
Bm           F#m        Bm5-/7    E7/9 
Just hang my cradle, Mammy mine 
 A           C#m7     C#m5-/7    F#7 
Right on that    Mason Dixon line 
Bm  Bm7        F#m      B7 
And swing it from Virginia 
E7            Bm5-/7             Cdim       E7/9 E7 
To Tennessee with all the love that's in  ya 
  A   E7 D9   Cdim A9   A  Cdim D9   E7   D9  Cdim E7/9 
"Weep No More,    My  Lady"    sing that song for   me 
  D9       E7   Bm5-/7       E7     D7   C#7   Cdim     C#7 
"Old Black Joe" just as though you had me on your knee 
F#7   Gdim         F#7      Gdim 
A million baby kisses I'll delivr 
    B7       Bm5-/7               Cdim       B7    E7 
The minute that you sing the "Swannee River" 
A    Edim  E7  Cdim  A         C#7 F#m 
Rock-a-bye your rock-a-bye baby 
Cdim   D9    E7 Fdim E7/9 E7 
With    a    Dixie       melody 

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