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I'd Cry Like A Baby Chords

Aretha Franklin

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I'd Cry Like A Baby

(Gallup and Steiner)

  		E7   A6         F#m          A7M         A6 
I'd cry like a baby if you told me goodbye 
E7  A6          F#m             A9     A7/9 
I'd feel like a snowball on the 4th of July 
   D        Fdim          A9           A 
If you ever said you were leaving for good 
    B7          Bm7             Bm5-/7      E 
I'd weep like a weeping willow, honest I would 
E7  A6         F#m         A7M         A6 
I'd cry like a baby with a busted balloon 
E7  A6        F#m                 A9           A7 
I'd let out a wail that would be heard to the moon 
     D          Fdim             A7M        F#7 
Our love was so splendid    don't end it so soon 
       E7      F#m    E7     F#7            B7 
Don't leave me here sighing, sobbing and a sighing 
D9     Bm5-/7 E7/9  E7 E7/13 A 
Crying  like  a   baby     for   yo 

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