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Ain't No Way Chords

Aretha Franklin

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by zecadaviola

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Ain't No Way

Year: 2003 - Album: So Damn Happy

(Bryan Laurenson/Douglas Furber/K.Bereal/Leah Hayood/Wes Henderson)

Intro: Em  F  (2x) 

C        G 
Ain't no way 
Bb        A 
for me to love you 
F      G       C    G 
If you won't let me 
C           G 
It ain't no way 
Bb          A 
for me to give you all ya need 
F                        G 
If you won't let me give all of me 
C             G 
I know that a woman's duty 
Bb    A 
Is to help and love the man 
F              G               C 
And that's the way it was for me 
C                 G 
Oh but how can I, how can I, 
how can I, give ya 
Give ya all the things I can 
F                          G 
If you're tyin' both of my hands 

Whoa-ho it ain't no way (ain't no way) 
C/Bb                               C/A 
(It ain't no) way-ay-ay (ain't no way) 

It just ain't no way baby 
(Ain't no way) ain't no way baby 
(Ain't no way) 
It ain't no way-hey-hey 
C/A                  F 
For you me to love you 
G            C 
If you won't let me 

F              G          C 
Stop tryin' to be someone you're not 
F             G 
hard cold and cruel is a man 
Who paid too much for what hes' got 
F          G               C 
And if you need me to love you 
     Em       Am 
Say, say yeah you do! 
then baaby baaby. 
Don't you know that I need you 

Ooooh it ain't no way 
I tell ya that it ain't no way 
It ain't no way baby 

It just ai-ai-n't no way, 
it sho' ain't no way 

C           C/Bb          C/A              F 
It ain't no way-ay-hey-ay for me to love you 
G            C 
If you won't let me 

( F  C ) 
Ain't no way 
If you won't let me 

There ain't no way 

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