Apoptygma Berzerk

In This Together

Apoptygma Berzerk

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In This Together

Should have seen this coming 
Should have known this 
Shouldn`t have let it happen 
My mistake alright 
Stuck again 
Doing my thing 
Too alike yet far apart 
G#                           G 
What felt so good once is breaking me 
F#                 C# 
And tearing us apart again 

Don`t you see 
C#               G#/G   
We`re in this together 
F           D# 
You and me 
         C#   D#/C 
One on one forever 

I know it`s self-inflicted 
We`re way too desperate 
Way too addicted 
But I can`t help the way I feel 
I know it`s time to be strong 
Now when all hope is gone 
And when what felt so good once 
Is breaking me 
And tearing us apart again 

C#                           D# 
And in your troubled eyes I see 
  F      D#                  C#             
Someone who carried me somehow 
Like footprints in the sand 
You`ve been behind me all along 
We got it wrong from the start 
Now it`s you and me 
Let`s hit it on 
Don`t you see it`s you and me against the world 

`cause we`re in this together 

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