Anthony Newley

If She Should Come To You

Anthony Newley

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If She Should Come To You

Intro: |C        |Am        |Dm         |G        | 

C                Am 
   If she should come to you 
    Dm     G 
Be gentle 
C           Am            Dm7    G 
    For she is very, very shy 
F                        Em      A 
  Don't ever act unsenti-mental 
Dm               C#/5+ 
    She won't to stay then 
Dm7        Dm7/C      G 
She'll run far away then 

C                 Am 
   If she should come to you 
   Dm     G 
C                Am               Dm7  G 
   That she'll believe your every word 
F             E7 
   And if she trusts you 
She will give you her heart 
Dm7               G                   C 
     So, remember    if she comes to you 

    She's fashioned 
      F#m7       B7 
From everything magic 
G#m7             G               F#m7  B 
    Miraculous,      marvelous love 

E6     C#m7 
   Without her 
F#m7                     B        B/A 
     Your world would be tragic 
           G#m7        G#o 
There'd be nothing but grieving 
   A                  B          C 
No laughter or joy or believing 

If she should come to you 
   Dm7      G 
Be tender 
C                 Am 
    You must take care 
     Dm7         G 
Or love will die 
   So understand her 
    Em7          A 
And befriend her 
Take my word 
          E        Am       F  C 
You must always defend her 
F                Dm           Fm 
   Then when she comes to you 
I'm certain she will 

|C       |C       |Bb6      |Bb6        | 

|C       |C       | 

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