Anthony Hamilton

I Know What Love Is All About

Anthony Hamilton

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by  DREADLOX2004

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I Know What Love Is All About

	  		I gave it my best shot! listened to the bass root and came up 
with some chords that are or are close to the actual chords 
in the song.
intro/Hook: Cm-Dm-Gm-Eb-Dm-Cm 
verses: Cm-Gm-Eb-Dm-Cm
Cm                   Gm    Eb       Dm 
It's about finding a new expierience, 
with someone you never thought you'd meet, 
Cm                    Gm             Eb     Dm 
who totally turn your life around completely, 
helping you get a job, and keeping you off the street, 
Cm                      Gm                          Eb 
church on sunday morning, eventually I'm saving money, 
Dm                   Cm 
sending my life in a new direction, 
Cm                                   Gm 
now I'm friends with my old man again, 
                                    Eb Dm 
standing here wearing this wedding band, 
I can say I know love because of you, say I know love 
Cm Dm       Gm       Eb     Dm        Cm 
I know what love is all about, 
I know what love is all about, 

Cm                      Gm          Eb            Dm 
I used to think that love was just a weekend thing, 
the way you make me feel, 
sharinging a moment of emptiness,  
but you see that wasn't nothing,  
cause the moment she left I forgot about her, 
until you came in and you showed me how it really felt  
Cm         Dm        Gm       Eb              Dm 
loved and kissed and held and prayed for and wanted and 
                    Cm                      Cm 
nurtured and guided, and oh to be understood 

(this verse is played like the hook) 

I know I can sit here and talk about it, 

cause i've experienced it, and I'm feeling it, 

I'm living it right here right now,  

I got somebody who loves me for me, 

got somebody who loves me for me, 

I know sometimes I have to realize that sometimes it's 

about compromise 

and you can't always have your way, can't always have  

your way 

love is about realizing, and love is about redirecting  

your discision, 

wether to go out all night long or go home to the one  

you love, 

it's about taking care of your family, and taking care 

of your kids, 

and holding your wife at night and letting her know that 

the bills will be paid on time and that you look and you 

listen to her cause it's all about love,  

say love, 

say love

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