Ann Hampton Callaway

The Sweetest Sounds Chords

Ann Hampton Callaway

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate


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The Sweetest Sounds

( Richard Rodgers)

  		Am  Fdim   Am  Am7+        Dm    D9       
The sweetest sounds I'll ever hear  
    E7      E5-/7    Am 
Are still inside my head 
Am  Fdim  Am  Am7+        Dm   D9        
The kindest words I'll ever know  
     E      E7     Am 
Are waiting to be said 
Am  Fdim Am  Am7+    Dm      D9      
The most entrancing sight of all  
   E7     E5-/7   C   C7 
Is yet for me to see 
         F      Cdim    Dm7      C 
And the dearest love in all the world  
     F       G7          C 
Is waiting somewhere for me 
F             G        Em7      A7                    
Is waiting somewhere, waiting somewhere 
F         G          C 
Waiting, waiting for me 

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