Stand Behind The Music


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Stand Behind The Music


F C No you don't stand a chance G For a second in my world F C The same old song, you won't last long E Am G If you can't stand behind the music F C All the fame, all the girls G All the money in this world F C They don't mean shit, better admit E Am G If you can't stand behind the music
Bridge: F So stand up C Show 'em how we do it G Won't back down until I see your F Hands up C Hit them with the new shit E Am G Stand behind the music Verse: F You gotta get behind C Cross your heart, hope to die G Splash a hype dash a pretty that don't mean I'll buy F Okay I'm out already C I'm getting blinded E Am G From all the frauds, all the phonies, all the fakes F Slow down C It's the best place for G Breathe, breathe, look my face and to me say F "Who the hell am I? " C Look me in the eye E Am G Is this conviction or addiction or a waste of time? F Just name a genre C Yeah I'll try it G Been doin' this from 15 to life, shit F I need a break already C I gotta find it E Am G And for the first time in my life, I'm doing my shit F C I, I, I, I can't stand this G Pop tart candy, hoes getting famous, getting naked, F gettin' round it, chew it up C Make my teeth rot E You think I'm talkin' to ya? Am G I'm probably not, nah Chorus (same as first verse. the chord progression basically goes F C G F C E Am G throughout) New York When I was a teenager Lookin' for a label and a little clean danger Had an appetite for (new adventure) Open every 'do not enter' Yeah I was tryin' hard to be somebody Be the cool kid at the party Lookin' at me laddy daddy, hottie hottie, hot tamale Stranger feelin' up my body Told me I could be somebody Wait, Someone stop me, went home and I called my mommy Hell no, I'm not that girl I still wanna be the leader of the fucking free world Yeah I'm a big dreamer I'm a believer Just try to tell me no, I'm a go full steam but if No, can't slow me down I built this house from the inside out Block by block from the bottom to the top I know just who I is And I know just who I'm not Chorus (same as bridge) So stand up, show em how we do it Won't back down until I see your Hands up hit em with the new shit Stand behind the music Yeah, stand up, come on let me see your Front row to the nose bleeders Hands up, if you really need it Stand behind the music No you don't stand a chance For a second in my world The same old song, you won't last long If you can't stand behind the music

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