Animal Collective

In The Flowers

Animal Collective

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In The Flowers

	  		Intro: F Bm F Bm 

Verse: 1 

Met a dancer 
Who was high in a field 
From her movement 
          Em               C 
Caught my breath on my way home 
         G7                  Dm 
Couldn't stop that sprinning force 
I felt envy 
Everything around seemed to giggle glee 
           F         G            F         G 
She walked up with a flower and I cared 

F Bm F Bm 

Verse: 2 
Saw the dancer 
         C                           D 
Who gets wild to the beats of record rhythms 
        Em              C 
But I'm always away for weeks 
That pass slow my 
Mind gets lost 
        G7                      Dm 
Feeling envy for the kid who'll dance despite anything 
       F          G                F 
I walk out in the flowers and feel better 

           F             G            F 
If I could just leave my body for the night 

C  F F F F  G  C  G  F F F F 

F                G 
Then we could be dancing 
        C                     F 
No more missing you while I'm gone 
F                 G 
There we could be dancing 
          C                          F 
And you'd smile and say, "I like this song" 
F                      G 
And when our eyes will meet then 
        C                   F 
We will recognize nothing's wrong 
      F                G 
And I wouldn't feel so selfish 
        C                F 
I won't be this way very long 

G Dm To hold you in time G Dm To hold you in time G Dm To hold you in time G Dm To hold you in time
F Bm F Bm verse 3 Bm While we were dancing C Early hours D Drunken days finally ended E C And the streets turned for a pillowcase G7 Dm Then I fumbled our good lock G7 Dm Then the ecstasy turns to rising light Through our windowpane F Now I'm gone G F I left flowers for you there F Bm F Bm

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