Río Baltimore


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Río Baltimore

If you don't know how to find me, 
                E          E7 
I'll give you a better tip. 
I'm like the mountains and lakes, 
                  E            E7 
The birds and the other beasts. 
D                E    F#m 
There's no paved road to the love I wanna love? 
D                                            E        E7 
It's a discovery we make with the courage on our feet. 

D        E   A7M       A7 D 
Sigue el río Baltimore. 
         E       F#m            D 
Find the passion in your heart 
       E           F#m 
Make believe we're something more 
Than words and walls 
Than words and walls 
               D     Dm  A7M 
Than words and walls 


If your own rules make you feel 
            E           E7 
Like you're nothing and no one 
It's not the way that I see; 
                  E            E7 
You're more than you believe. 
D                  E 
But you'll have to find out, 
Breaking the rules by your own 
D                                               E        E7 
Then love is free and there's nothing to worry about. 


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