Hair Cream


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Hair Cream

As you know, 
There's something in your hair cream 
Something in your hair cream, doll 
                  Bm7        E7 
Something in your hair cream. (2x) 


C#m7                        Bm7  C#m7 
Light rays coming from your eyes 
Maybe just the way you smile 
C#m7                      Bm7  D 
Either it's the swing you walk 
                      E        E7 
Or some magic of your thoughts 

C#m7                  Bm7   C#m7 
It may be your pretty jewels 
Let you shine the way you should 
C#m7                      Bm7  D 
Either something that you ate 
                         E        E7 
While i missed both your lips 

C#m7                          Bm7   C#m7 
It's not the case that it's today. 
                     E7   C#m7 
Cause i notice every day 
                             Cm7  D 
Nor the place you're used to stay 
                        E   E7 
Since you're amazing anyway 


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