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Year: 2001 - Album: Rebirth

Key:  Am More
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Am Am7/G Em F G Am e|--------0-----------------------------------------------------0--------| R B|------1---3--------------1-0--------------------------------1-----1----|\ E G|----2------------2-----0----------0--------2-0------------2-----2---2--| P D|---------------0-----2----------2--------3----------5---2--------------| E A|--0------------------------------------3----------5---0----------------|/ T E|-------------2-----3----------0------1----------3----------------------| E Dm B C Am e|-------1-----0----------0------1---0-------------------------0----| B|-----3-----------3-----------------------3----1--1-----1-------1--| G|---2-----2-----2---3------3------3---0----0----0---2-----2--------| D|-0---------0---------0------0------------------------2-----2------| A|---------------------------------------3----3---------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------------| Dm B C G/B e|-1-----------0---------0-----1---0------------------------| B|-------3---------3-------3-----3-------3-----1---0-----0--| G|---2-----2-----0---3-------3-------0-----0-----0---0------| fim da primeira D|-----0-----0---------0-------------------------------0----| parte A|-------------------------------------3-----3--------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------| 2ª parte (toque duas vezes): (início da voz) A7/9 (?) Dm7 e|-------3-0---3------3-0---3------------5-----------------5---------| B|-----1-----1--1----1----1---1-------6-------6----------6------6----| G|---4--------------4---------------5-------5---5------5------5---5--| D|--------------------------------7------------------7---------------| A|-0--------------0-------------5------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------8---------7-------5---------| G/9(?) e|---------3----------------3-----------------0----------------0-------| B|-------0---0---0--------0---0---0---------3------3---------3-----3---| G|-----2-------2--------2-------2---------0------0---0-----1-----1---1-| D|---0----------------0-----------------2----------------2-------------| A|------------------------------------3-------2----------------2-------| E|-3----------------3----------------------------------4---------------| e|-------3-0---3---------3-0----3-----------0------------0-------------1-0-| B|-----1-----1---1-----1------1---1-------7------7------7-----7------1-----| G|---4----------------4-----------------5------5---5---5----5---5---2------| D|------------------------------------7---------------7--------------------| A|-0----------------0---------------5----------------5---------------------| E|------------------------------------------8------------5--------1--------| e|---1---------1-0----1-----------0-----------------0---------------0-------| B|-1---1-----1------1---1-----1-0---1---1------(10)---1---1----(10)---1---1-| G|---------2----------------2---------4------2----------4-----2---------4---| D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|------------------------0---------------0-----------------0---------------| E|-------1-------3----------------------------------------------------------| (repete segunda parte) e|--------------------------------------------------------------------| R B|-----1---1---0-------3---3---1-------1---1---0-------1---1---2------| E G|---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2----| P D|--------------------------------------------------------------------| E A|-0--------------0----------------0---------------0----------------0-| T E|--------------------------------------------------------------------| E (fim da introdução)
(ver introdução "início da voz") Am Dm Cooling breeze from a summer day G C G/B Hearing echoes from your heart Am D D4 Learning how to recompose the words F Am Let time just fly Joyfull sea-gulls roaming on the shore Not a single note will sound Raise my head after I dry my face Let time just fly Am G/A Bm5- /A Am Recalling, retrea___ting G/A E Am Returning, retreaving G/A Bm5- /A Am A small talk your missing (FIM DA INTRODUÇÃO) G/A E F G More clever but older now (início instrumental) Am G/A Bm5- /A Am A leader, a lear____ner C/G G E Am A lawful beginner G/A A7 A lodger of lunacy Dm G So lucid in a jungle C E A helper, a sinner F G Am A scarecroow's agonyzing smile F F#m Oh! Minutes go round and round C# Inside my head D D# Oh! My chest will now explode B Falling into pieces 2X E A (C#m ) Rain breaks on the ground-blood! C#m One minute forever C#m A sinner regreting Am G F G Am G My vulgar misery ends F G Am G Ride the winds of a brand new day F G Am G High where mountain's stand F C/E Dm Found my hope and pride again 2X C E (A G/F# G E F G A) Rebirth of a man (I N T R O D U Ç Ã O) 3X BASE do SOLO: 1ª parte: (B G F# E G A D B) B G F# E G F# G 2X 2ª parte: (A G/F# G E F G A) 3ª parte: D C F E D C G A G F G Am G (And I) ride the winds of a brand new day F G Am G High where mountain's stand F C/E Dm Found my hope and pride again C E Rebirth of a man (INTRODUÇÃO) Time to fly...

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