Andrew Jackson Jihad

Let Us Get Murdered

Andrew Jackson Jihad

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Let Us Get Murdered

(Andrew Jackson Jihad)


Am D G x2 
Am D G B Em 
Am D G 

G                                           Am 
You've been singing songs for all the wrong reasons. 
D                                      Em 
For reasons you're not at liberty to say. 
G                                        Am 
It wasn't to get rich or famous or get laid. 
D                                         Em 
Mainly you wrote those fucking songs to drive me away. 


G                                           Am 
And when you go to bed at night you're a skeleton. 
D                                     Em 
With visions in your head too big to see. 
G                                                Am 
And the insides of your mouth inflate and try to suffocate you. 
D                                      Em 
Its hard, its hard, its hard to fall asleep. 


G                                                  Am 
And you've been looking for an honest way out for too long, 
D                           Em 
because suicide is not the key. 
G                                      Am 
And you hate the taste of alcohol and medicine. 
D                                                   Em 
Well the answer, the answer, the answer is plain to see. 

Chorus: (Same as Intro) 

              Am D G 
So come along, 
Am      D   G 
let's get murdered! 
Am           D          G     B  Em 
Let's go to sleep and never wake up! 
Am               D            G 
Let's find a loophole out of this! 

Repeat Chorus 

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