Andrew Jackson Jihad

Darling I Love You

Andrew Jackson Jihad

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Darling I Love You

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Intro: C C e|---X---0---X---0---| B|---X---1---X---3p1-| G|---X---0---X---0---| D|---X---2---X---2---| x4 A|---X---3---X---3---| E|---X-------X-------| F F G G e|---X---1---X---1---X---3---X---3---| B|---X---1---X---1---X---3---X---3---| G|---X---2---X---2---X---4---X---4---| D|---X---3---X---3---X---5---X---5---| A|---X---3---X---3---X---5---X---5---| E|---X---1---X---1---X---3---X---3---|
Verse C I like telling dirty jokes, C and I like smoking crystal meth, F G C but darling I love you. C And I like laughing at retards, C and I like throwing rocks at dogs, F G C but darling I love you.
F E I love you like the moon and stars, C F when little kids get hit by cars, F G C girl you know its true. F G C Darling, I love you.
*play the intro again here* Verse C I've been tryin' to move on, C since you left, since you've been gone, F G C but its so hard on me. C Talked to a girl in first hour, C bought her a cd, bought her a flower, F G C but she's a stupid cunt.
F E But I'll take anything, C F and I'll take anyone. F E I'll take an angry lesbian C F with a loaded gun. F E I'll take a whore with syphilis C F and gonorrhea too. F G C But darling, I love you.

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