Andrew Bird

Tin Foiled

Andrew Bird

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Tin Foiled



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What is moving will be still e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|------------------------7-----------------------2-------2-0----------------| D|-----------------------0-----------------------5------------3-2------------| A|-13121110987654321~---0-----------------------4----------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| What has gathered will disperse e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|----------------------------2----------------------------------------------| D|-0--------------------------3----------------------------------------------| A|-1--------------------------3----------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| What's been built up will collapse, all of your dreams they're all fulfilled e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|-----------7-----------------2-----------------3---------------------------| D|-----------0-----------------5-----------------3---------------------------| A|-----------0-----------------4-----------------1---------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
VERSE Dm C Bb F Late new years eve Bb F Paper hat on your head Bb F It was hard to believe G That you'd ever be dead Bb F And that dream that you're falling Bb F That you've had since you're five Bb F G Is a bird on your shoulder that whispers Bb Get back C C#m Get back Chorus Dm A7 What is moving will be still Bb F What has gathered will disperse Dm A7 What's been built up will collapse Bb All of your dreams Dm C They're all fulfilled VERSE Bb F And Liza Minelli Bb F Spent a month in her bed Bb F She was certain that Skylab G Would crash on her head Bb F And Evil Knievel shot Bb F Up from the grass and Bb F G I loved him better each time Bb That he crashed C C#m That he crashed Chorus Dm A7 What is moving will be still Bb F What has gathered will disperse Dm A7 What's been built up will collapse Bb All of your dreams Dm C They're all fulfilled Instrumental BREAK
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e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|------------------1-------3-1-------0h1p0---------------------1------------| G|-----3-2---------3-2-----3---2-----0-----0-------3-2---------3-2-----------| D|--0-3---3-0---0-3---3---3-----3---0-------0---0-3---3-0---0-3---3----------| A|-1---------0-1-------3-1-------3-2---------2-1---------0-1-------3---------| E|--------------------------------3------------------------------------------| e|------------------------------1-3-5-3-0------------------------------------| B|----3-1--1-0h1p0-------------3---------1---------1-------------------------| G|---3---2--------0-----------3-----------0------0--0------------------------| D|--3-----3--------0---0---0-3-------------2---2--2--2-----------------------| A|-1----------------2-2-2-1-----------------3-3-3-----3----------------------| E|-------------------3-----------------------3-------------------------------|
VERSE (muted strumming, no chords) Last night I dreamed that I Dug my own grave so I Climbed down inside there to patiently wait And down in the ground while I Breathed the cold air G Black birds came down there to nest Bb In my hair C C#m In my hair Chorus Dm A7 What is moving will be still Bb F What has gathered will disperse Dm A7 What's been built up will collapse Bb All of your dreams Dm Bb They're all fulfilled Dm Bb They're all fulfilled Dm Bb C F Oh and they're

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