Andrew Bird


Andrew Bird

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Violin intro: e|-----------------------------------|------------------------------------| B|-----------------------------------|------------------------------------| G|-----------------------------------|------------------------------------| D|--9-----------------9---10----12--|--9---------------9--10--12--10------| A|-----------------------------------|------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------|------------------------------------|
Bm D Bm D Bm D G Go ahead and congratulate yourself Give yourself a hand, The hand is yours C G In the harden hours, and so... C G And here it heals itself, is too C G And you're getting too close C G You're getting too close F/A E You're getting too close to your soul Am D You've done the impossible now Am D Took yourself apart Am D Made yourself invulnerable Am D No one can break your? (pause) ?heart so you break it yourself G C Bringing your own, break it yourself G C Bringing your own, break it yourself G C Bringing your own (oh break it yourself) G C Bringing your own (oh break it yourself) G F E Bringing your own
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Whistling/Xylophone: e|----------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------| B|-------------13----12----10------------------|---------------------------------------| G|----------------------------------12----11---|---------------------------------------| D|----------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------| e|----------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------| B|----------------13----12----10-----------10--|---------------------------------------| G|--------------------------------------12------|---------------11----12---11---9------| D|----------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------| e|-----------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------| B|----------------13----12----10-----------------|-------------------------------------| G|--------------------------------------12-------|---12--------------------------------| D|-----------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------| e|------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------| B|------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------| G|--11--------------------------------------------|----------------------------------| D|------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------|
(during whistling) Am D Am D Am D Am D G Go ahead and reionize yourself Give yourself a hand, A hand is yours C G And you go ahead and wring it out C G Go ahead and stretch it out F/A E Go ahead and wear it inside Am D Take a trip in the desert makes this Am D Boy and girl too wise Am D Through a ridge of water and sand there's Am D A hundred stories high D And you re-eyeoneyeoneyeoneyeonize Bbmaj7 B And it's eyeoneyeoneyeoneyeoneyeoneyeoneye C F Bb G Am7 All this time it took to realize (pause) That you could use some help G C Bringing your heart, breaking the shell G C Bringing your heart, breaking the shell G C Bringing your heart, (break it yourself) G C Bringing your heart, (break it yourself) G C G C (repeats and speeds up until the end) Go ahead an defibrillate yourself Give yourself a hand, a hand is yours Go ahead and wear it out And you go ahead and stretch it out And you go ahead and wear it inside out And it's eyeoneye-oneye-oneye And it's eyeoneye-oneye-oneye Woah

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