Andrew Bird

Cathedral In The Dell

Andrew Bird

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Cathedral In The Dell



        (single strum) 

  The cathedral in Cologne looks like a spaceship 

A                      D                A   A* 
  Like the hand of God falling from the sky 


D                                        A 
A thousand stone-carved saints hang like icicles 

    B7                   E                   D    A 
But icicles don't take a thousand years to die 

And all of us who worked on this cathedral 

                D              A   A* 
Or even spent a moment passing by 

D                             A 
All of us are swept away like breadcrumbs 

What comfort does it bring 

        E               D     A 
Soaring towers left behind 

            D       A 
Towers left behind 

        (single strum) 

Well there's a fiberglass castle in Wisconsin 

A                     D              A    A* 
   Where kids race go-carts around a moat 


D                          A 
Once we went up there in December 

     B7                      E                     D    A 
When all the waterslides and fudge shops were closed 

Looking to find love under the ice machine 

                   D              A     A* 
But all we did was drink in empty bars 

D                                      A 
Stumbling drunk we crawled back to our hotel rooms 

B7                     E                     D   A 
I fell against you and felt your beating heart 

                    D    A 
I felt your beating heart 

        (single strum) 

Well the snow is slowly falling on the ice machine 

A                                         A* 
  And the moon shone hazy through the pine 

D                               A 
Lawn chairs were thrown into an empty pool 

  B7                    E                D  A 
A dog chained to a tree barking at the sky 

             D    A 
Towers left behind 

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