Amy Savin

Fly Robin

Amy Savin

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Fly Robin

Intro: D A G (2x) 

               D               A                         G 
At the dawning, such a helpless cry 
               D               A                         G 
Oh they found you, crows of wild eyes 
               D               A                         G 
So abandoned, couldn't fight for much 
               D                      A                          G 
You were dying  love pulled you out 

    E                    F#                         A                          
Healing took long days, been tucked away 
    E                    F#                                   A                          
You thought you never leave but today's your day 

D         A    E     G 
Fly robin fly 
D         A              E     G 
It a beautiful sky 
D                                      A               
Oh you couldn't save yourself,  
            E                         G 
But now you strong enough 
D                      C 
Go find your flight 
Fly robin fly 

Break:  Bm A G  

               Bm               A                         G 
No more looking at the world through glass 
               Bm               A                         G 
There no window that can hold you back 
               Bm               A                         G 
Go and be free, it where you belong 
               Bm               A                         G 
Just remember, where you've come from  

Chorus 2x 

End on Bm 

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