Amy Ray

Pennies On The Track

Amy Ray

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Pennies On The Track

Intro Bm G A 

verse 1 
Bm               G      A    Bm          G    A 
Putting pennies on the track, shiny and flat, 
Bm              G      A     Bm          G    A 
It was the best we could be, sexy and free 
Bm                G   A Bm                 G    A 
I grow away from myself with each passing bell 
Bm               G      A               Bm            G    A 
With all these new accessories, I just stumble and bleed 
D A For a moment I feel the coldness C#m G At the end of a fall day D A I put my hands down deep in my pockets G F# As my body awakes
verse 2 Bm G A Bm G A So I'm heading back to school all brilliant and new, Bm G A Bm G A Trying hard to fit in and not to walk like a man Bm G A Bm G A A girl that I never noticed asked me to hold this Bm G A Bm G A A secret too hard to tell and I never will
D A For a moment I feel the coldness C#m G Of everything that's been taken away D A I put the phone back in the cradle, G F# I can't make this okay
Bridge Bm G A The damage she'll survive Bm G A But damn the sacrifice of Bm G A Every life we've lost G F# Damn all the cost of the assault verse 3 Bm G A You tied a knot and you dared me, Bm G A The stem of a cherry, Bm G A To find my own humanity Bm G A And just let it breathe
D A Hold my head up in this moment C#m G Keep myself from fading away D A Pull my hands out of pockets and G F# Feel my body awake
Outro Bm G A

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