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Amy Bruce Spaceshow

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by IronPower4Ever

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  		            C#m             E               A 
I'm at that age where I am learning how to ignore all of my distractions. 
        C#m                   E            A 
I am learning that there are consequences for all of my actions. 
     C#m            A              E             B 
I am old enough to know but young enough to not care. 
          C#m      A              E                  B 
It's too early to show but late enough to know its there. 

          C#m                          E                A 
So I will live for the moment for the first time in my life. 
       C#m               E                    A             B 
I will tell you how I'm feeling and not just tell you I'm alright. 
       C#m            A                  E            B 
I will work for the future and not just work for the end. 
       C#m           A             E            B          E 
I will try to quit smoking I will try to make amends but 
       C#m       A    E 
I have time it seems 
    C#m         A    E 
to satisfy my needs, 
    C#m         A    E 
to achieve my dreams. 
     E      A 
I'm only 17 
     E      A 
I'm only 17 
     E      A 
I'm only 17 
     E      A 
I'm only 17. 

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