Amanda Palmer

Dear Old House

Amanda Palmer

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Dear Old House

(Amanda Palmer)

	  		C                       Fsus2 
dear old house that I grew up in 
C                          Fsus2 
I know that Iíll leave you any day 
C                         Fsus2 
dear old house that I grew up in 
G                             Fsus2 
can't you find a way to make em stay? 

and all the girls I went to school with 
walked downtown with all the cool kids 
I was staked out in your cellar 
making friends with dead umbrella 
and every creak of every floorboard 
tells the story of the girl I stuck inside 
and if they move away 
                        Fsus2         Fsus4 
Iíll have no place to Ö hide 

C                         Fsus2 
dear old house that I grew up in 
G                       Fsus2 
Iíve never really been in love 
C                           Fsus2 
you took my heart when I was a child 
               G                            Fsus2 
noises wrapped around my little body like a winter glove 
you're just a random set of objects 
in a town that's filled with sadness 
in the armpit of the world 
you're chopped down trees and rotting soil 
and if I wanted to Iíd keep you 
Iíd fill you up and heat you 
with the market how it is, Amanda 
                                Fsus2    Fsus4 
well you know, the price of ... oil 

B             Em                  C                G 
Goodbye stairs, and goodbye stars on painted walls at home 
B            Em               C               G 
attic door, and banister, Iíll miss you most of all 
B                 Em                 C                  G 
you were supposed to keep me safe, this wasn't supposed to end 
B           Em            C        G        Fsus2 
does it sound ridiculous, to call you my best friend? 

C                         Fsus2 
dear old house that I grew up in 
G                           Fsus2 
I know I haven't visited that much 
C                                         Fsus2 
but, every lifeless hotel and apartment I walk into 
     G                                         Fsus2 
just reminds me of the doorknobs that I want to touch 
I won't miss you, when they sell you 
to some evil yuppie couple 
with the child who'll put Miley Cyrus posters in my bedroom 

I am a native of the north 
I am a rockstar on the road 
I am now permanently located in each place I am known 
but it doesn't feel like anywhere 
                          Fsus2          Fsus4 
when you can't go back... home 

C                         Fsus2 
dear old house that I grew up in 
G                               Fsus2 
I know it isn't your fault this panned out, 
C                                Fsus2 
please don't take it personally, PS, 
Tell the evil yuppie couple 
Fsus2                       C 
When I'm rich, I'll buy you back.  

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