Alyssa Wood

Hallelujah Jesus Saves

Alyssa Wood

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Hallelujah Jesus Saves

G                               D         EM                  C 
There's a stream of precious mercy meant lost and desperate souls. Long I  
 EM              C                      D       G                EM 
heard of its existence how it made the broken whole.  Though my sins might 
        C               EM                C 
be as scarlet they'd be white beneath the blood, and though I don't 
    D                 C  D    G 
understand it. I sing hallelujah. 

G                        D                   EM               C 
Who am I that you would want me. That you'd come to bear my cross? Lord I  
  EM             C                          D       G           EM 
tremble when I think of what I gained and what You lost. Who am I to come so 
  C               EM                C                     D 
boldly while you hold me with your love? Still don't understand it, I sing  
C   D   G 

G                   D         EM             C           G      C  D 
Jesus Saves, Jesus Saves. Hallelujah, Jesus Saves. Hallelujah, Hallelujah  
Jesus saves. 

G                      D            EM                    C              EM 
On that day I rise to meet You to applaud what grace is worth, endless days 

             C                         D    G            EM 
will be to little for the praise that you deserve. So I will not waste one 

C              EM           C                             D 
moment, for I cannot give enough. Here and now and ever after, I sing  

C   D   G 

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