Allan Sherman

Shake Hands With Your Uncle Max

Allan Sherman

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Shake Hands With Your Uncle Max

I sell a line of plastics 
      F             C 
And I travel on the road 
      F              C 
And I have a case of samples 
        F             G 
Which believe me is a load  

Every night a strange cafe 
  F                 C 
A strange hotel and then 
F            Em 
Early in the morning 
     F      G    C 
I am on the road again  

When the season's over 
And my lonesome journey ends 
           Dm          Em 
That's the only time I see 
   Dm            G 
My family and my friends  

I drive up Ocean Parkway 
      F               C 
And before I stop the car 
   F                Em 
My ma leans out the window 
        F              G  C 
And she hollers, "Here we are!"  

Shake hands with your Uncle Max, mein boy 
    F                   C 
And here is your sister Shirl 
    F                   Em 
And here is your cousin Isabel 
       Dm              G 
That's Irving's oldest girl 
And do you remember the Tishman twins 
F            C 
Gerald and Jerome 
   F               C 
We all came out to greet you 
       F        G       C 
And to wish you welcome home  

Merowitz, Berowitz, Handelman, Schandelman 
                       Bb          C 
Sperber and Gerber and Steiner and Stone 
Boskowitz, Lubowitz, Aaronson, Baronson, 
                         Bb           F 
Kleinman and Feinman and Friedman and Cohn  

Smallowitz, Wallowitz, Teitelbaum, Mandelbaum 
                   B        Db 
Levin, Levinsky, Levine and Levi 
Brumburger, Schlumburger, Minkus and Pinkus 
                            B            Gb 
And Stein with an "e-i" and Styne with a "y"  

Ab    Db 
Shake hands with your Uncle Sol mein boy 
    Gb                   Db 
And here is your brother Sid 
    Gb                  Fm 
And here is your cousin Yetta 
      Ebm           Ab 
Who expects another kid  

Whenever you're on the road mein boy 
    Gb           Db 
Wherever you may roam 
      Gb               Fm 
We'll all be here when you come back 
   Gb       Ab      Db 
To wish you welcome home 

Note: personally, I prefer to go up a full step, not a half step, 
      at the "Smallowitz" key change; it makes it easier to play. 
      For that version, the chords for the final three stanzas are: 
         G / C / D / G / C / G 
         A / D / G / D / G / Gbm / Em / A 
         D / G / D / G / Gbm / G / A / D 

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