Allan Sherman

Hello Mudduh Hello Fadduh A Letter From Camp

Allan Sherman

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Hello Mudduh Hello Fadduh A Letter From Camp


A                     E 
Hello, Muddah! Hello, 
E      E7            A 
Here I am at Camp Granada. 
A       C#7       D 
Camp is very entertaining, 
D        E                   E7              A 
And they say we'll have some fun if it stops raining. 

A                      E 
I went hiking with Joe Spivy. 
E      E7           A 
He developed poison ivy. 
A     C#7            D 
You remember Leonard Skinner? 
D        E                E7               A 
He got ptomaine poisoning last night after dinner. 

A                           E 
All the counselors hate the waiters. 
E       E7           A 
And the lake has alligators. 
A       C#7                 D 
And the head coach wants no sissies, 
D     E                E7                A 
So he reads to us from something called Ulysses. 

A                        E 
Now I don't want this to scare ya, 
E      E7            A 
But my bunk mate has malaria. 
A     C#7            D 
You remember Jeffrey Hardy? 
D        E           E7               A 
They're about to organize a searching party. 

F#m C#7 Take me home.Oh Muddah, fadduh, F#m C#7 Take me home.I hate Granada. Bm7 D A F#m D Bm Don't leave me out in the forest where, I might Bm C#7 Get eaten by a bear. F#m C#7 Take me home. C#7 F#m C#7 I promise I will not make noise, C#7 Bm7 D A Or mess the house with oth - er boys. A F#m D Oh, please don't make me stay, D Bm7 C#7 D7 C#7 I've been here one whole day.
A E Dearest fadduh, Darling Muddah, E E7 A How's my precious, little bruddah? A C#7 D Let me come home if you miss me. D E E7 A I would even let Aunt Bertha hug and kiss me! A E Wait a minute!It's stopped hailing. E E7 A Guys are swimming.Guys are sailing. A C#7 D Playing baseball.Gee! That's bettah D E E7 A Muddah, fadduh, kindly disregard this letter!

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