All Sons And Daughters

The Longing

All Sons And Daughters

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The Longing

Intro: C  G C

verse 1 
         C       Dm            Am 
These things unseen won't cripple me 
  G                 C 
I place my hope in You 
      C      Dm          Am 
This deep desire, This longing hour 
      G            C 
I'm falling into You 

C Love is and always was Dm The longing place inside my heart C/E To know You F And be known by You
verse 2 C Dm Am This place, This time, Won't satisfy G C My soul was made for you C Dm Am My eyes behold what's beautiful G C And I belong to You Ending Am C How I long F C Em How I long, oh F G C How I long for You

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