Alice Justice

Heart Revolution

Alice Justice

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Heart Revolution

	  		Heart Revolution 
Alice Justice 

Intro: D  E7  A  A7  (X 2) 

D                 E7   
He and she were always talking 
 A                A7  
About life about love, about hiking  
D                 E7    
And when she'd see him smiling,  
 A                A7   
She'd burn inside, almost dying 
D                  E7   
Even though they said it everyday,  
D  E7            A  A7   
she denyied it, and refused to say 

D7  G 
Oh yes I love you  
Em     A 
O I know I do 
D7     G 
And I hate it the most 
Em      A 
but we all know it's true 
D7       G 
I guess I just found the perfect solution 
Em      A 
Oh baby, I've got... 
A heart revolution 

D                       E7   
This feeling she didn't believe she knew 
  A                    A7   
She had never seen him through this point of view 
D                     E7   
And she was wondering if it was unrequited 
 A                   A7   
Because weren't them very united? 
D                     E7  
But thet just couldn't be 
A                        A7   
She was stupid for him, couldn't he see? 
D                      E7  
But the must stupid part 
 A                        A7   
Is that none of them could open their hearts... 


C                 G 
And she was wondering why  
D                      A 
whenever they got close she'd get shy 
C                 G 
And wondered why the sky would turn pink 
D                      A 
and together with her heart she'd sink 

(Chorus X2) 

D  E7  A  A7  X 3 
D         E7                       A                                 A7   
she had nothing but a simple case of heart revolution... 

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