Alex Cuba Band

Dramatica Mujer Feat. Jason Mraz

Alex Cuba Band

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Dramatica Mujer Feat. Jason Mraz

	  		Intro Em Am D  

            Em     Am    D                        Em    
Esta es la mas dramatica historia acerca de una mujer  
          Am          D                          Em  
bella desnuda en un cuadro que yo tengo en la pared  
        Am           D                    Em                         
y que sonrie al mirarla casi haciendome creer 
         Am         D  
que del amor no se nada dramatica mujer 

                 Em         Am       D  

Em   Am         D                             Em  
shes mostly a ghost, the way she watches over me  
       Am            D                                  Em  
she complains when i smoke, but then you do the same to me  
Am          D                                    Em   
shes controlling my brain activity, knowing when i go to sleep  
       Am                 D  
she'll catch you when I'm falling hard  
               Em            Am        D  
shes not so usual  
shes not so usual  

Y por su forma de ser, yo pense que tal vez 
me envolveria en el placer, me enviciaria a socurrer 
la sed de su amor, que de apariencias me dejo  
dudar sin razon porque al final me hace feliz 
         G               D                Em  
and its fine cause shes with me now, most all of the time  
trying to saving the light, thinking not of her own  
and always kissing me goodnight when i just need to be alone  
        G         D              Em  
shes so sweet, so discrete, shes exactly what i need  
                Am      D   
not even make believe  
                Em      Am D  
shes not so usual 

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