Alex Cornell

I'm On Hold

Alex Cornell

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I'm On Hold

	  		verse 1 

            B                                                   F# 
Well I been sittin here all day I been sitting in this waiting room 
             B                                                       F# 
And I been I waiting on my friends I been waiting on this conference call all alone 
And I?m on hold 
Yes, I?m on hold 

Chorus F# B F# I hope it?s not all day B F# Well I wonder where they are yes I wonder where my friends have gone B F# Tell me where could they be while I?m waiting on this conference call B F# Well I?m holdin on my phone yes I?m holdin on the line (hey) B F# I don?t know where they are I don?t know why I?m still alone Mmmmmm... C# I?m on hold B Oh yes I?m on hold
verse 2 F# I hope it?s not all day (hey) B F# (well let me tell you all a story about a man who was on hold all day, yes he was) B (now, maybe he had the time wrong, and maybe he didn?t, there?s just no way for me F# to say) B (and yes, I have seen some long hold times in my day, yes I have, and this was one of F# the worst) B (now this young man did not hang up the telephone, and you guess what happened, haha, F# yeah, that call began, that call started) C# So stay on hold B You gotta stay on hold F# Don?t go away

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