Alex Clare

I Love You

Alex Clare

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I Love You

F#   Ebm   Bbm 
F#   Ebm   C# 

Verse 1 
F#         Ebm              Bbm 
Though I left you there sleeping 
  F#     Ebm           C# 
No I dare not say a word 

C#m      B 
Silently whipping 
E              B  Bb 
Knowing what i heard 

F#   Ebm   Bbm 
What can I say ? 
F#    Ebm             C# 
I was never good with words 

C#m              B 
My tongue always got it wrong 
E                    B  Bb 
Hoping that you knew all along 

   F#      E  B  
I love you  

Verse 2:
F#        Ebm        Bbm 
Hell I've done all I can 
F#     Ebm            C# 
How else can I get this through 

C#m                B 
I know you someone else's 
E                     B  Bb 
And I'm sure he needs you 

F#       Ebm         Bbm 
When I'm laying in my bed 
F#    Ebm              C# 
I can say what's on my mind 

C#m                  B 
Let my actions be my words 
E                 B  Bb 
I'm sure that you heard 

   F#      E  B  
I love you 

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