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Santas Gonna Come In A Pickup Truck Chords

Alan Jackson

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Santas Gonna Come In A Pickup Truck

Year: 1993 - Album: Honky Tonk Christmas

Well I've been sorta worried 
      G                D 
About Santa Claus this year 
Cause we live way down south 
       G                A 
And it didn't snow down here 
But I'm telling you not to worry 
        G            D 
Cause I just got the word 
Everybody listen closely  
         A               D 
And I'll tell you what I heard 
Santa's comin in a pickup 
G                     D 
Instead of his trusty sleigh  
He'll have a truck instead of reindeer 
         G          A 
To carry him on his way 
Cause the weatherman had some problems 
G                        D         
He couldn't get snow you see 
G                       D 
Santa's gonna come in a pickup truck 
        A      G       D 
When he visits you and me 
Santa can't bring his reindeer 
      G              D 
He'll leave them far away 
But don't you worry 'bout him 
              G              A 
He's gonna be here Christmas day 
He's got a big red pickup 
     G                    D   
With four-wheel drive and all 
    A                        G 
And there's gonna be a Merry Christmas 
        A             D 
A Merry Christmas for all 
D                       G      
Santa's gonna come in a pick up truck 
        A              D 
When he visits you and me 


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