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Sand in Your Shoes Chords

Al Stewart

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by rominhu

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Sand in Your Shoes

Year: 1976 - Album: Year of the Cat

	       G              Em              C                  D 
You always were a city kid though you were country raised 
  G               Em              C                    D 
And back in some forgotten time we shared the cold north days. 
  G              Em                     C             D 
But the simple life was not your style and you just had to escape 
    G     C     Bm   Am     D   G    Gsus4  G   Gsus2 
So it's goodbye to my lady of the islands. 
         G                 Em 
On Remembrance Day the bands all played; 
         C                        D 
The bells pealed throught the park. 
G             Em                 C                  D 
And you lay there by the "Do Not" signs and shamed them with your spark. 
 G               Em                     C              D 
Now winter moans in old men's bones as the day falls into dark 
   G      C     Bm    Am     D     G  Gsus4  G  Gsus2 
And it's goodbye to my lady of the islands. 
 Bm              Em                  Am               D 
It was just like this behind the kisses you so soon swept away 
 Bm               Em                Am                D 
Oh, I always knew that someday you'd be bound to just get pulled away. 
  G               Em              C                 D 
The summer sun beats on and on; the shops swim in the heat. 
  G           Em                 C             D 
And you're standing by the traffic signs with taxis at your feet. 
   G             Em                C                  D 
Well, I know that in your city skin you're feeling more complete, 
     G      C     Bm  Am         D    Gsus4  G  Gsus2 
So it's goodbye to my lady of the islands. 
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G Em C D E|-------|3-2tr3--|---------|-----10| B|------3|--------|5-5-3----|3------| G|4-4-5--|--------|------5--|-----12| D|-------|--------|---------|-------| A|-------|--------|---------|-------| E|-------|--------|---------|-------| G Em C D E|10s8-8s7-7s5-5-3|7-3---12|12s10-10s8-8s7-5s7|8s10------15--| B|----------------|----3---|------------------|--------15--15| G|12s9-9s7-7s5-5-4|7-4---12|12s11-11s9-9s7-5s7|9s11----14----| D|----------------|----5---|------------------|--------------| A|----------------|--------|------------------|--------------| E|----------------|--------|------------------|--------------|
G Em C D No, I never got the letters that you said you'd send to me G C Bm Am D G C Bm Am G So it's goodbye to my lady of the islands.

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