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My Best Friend Chords

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by peter

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My Best Friend

Year: 1980 - Album: Lost in Love

(Graham Russell)

         G     Bm                         Am9 
You're here looking like my best friend 
 B7/F#         Bsus4   Em 
Hoping you'll find a way 
     C#m5-                      Am7   D 
To tell me you just can't stay 
  G              Bm                     Am9 
You laughed hard at the world, I know 
B7/F#          Bsus4       Em 
Now that the seasons show 
     Em/D                    C    D           G   G7sus4 
To tell me, love, your heart will soon mend 
Am7           Bm 
We counted everyday 
Only to show we needed each other 
Am7               B7 
Who needs a reason to love 
        Emadd9        Eadd9/D   C 
When friends just seem to know 
They know it 
G      Bm                           Am7 
*You have lots of dreams, I know 
B7                Bsus4         Emadd9 
Now it's the close of the show 
Em/D                           CM7 
Let's hope it'll all passes by in the end 
So get yourself along 
                      G      G7 
You're my best friend 
Instrument: Am7  Bm  D  D7  Am7  (B7,Bsus4)  (Emadd9,Em/D) 
                  C  (Dsus4,D) 
Repeat * 
Ending: G  (Bsus4 , Bm)  Am7  G 
Kenji Yanase 
[email protected] 


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