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Air Review

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Capo on 4th fret

If this is all there is, 
Don't wake me for the fight. 
I'd rather be alone, 
Asleep, not worry for a break tonight 

Don't be a ghost 
Don't worry for the lights 
 F#m                                    E 
The canopy of lies that keeps you from me 

When we were young 
We could always dare to dream 
That the places we have seen 
We're enough to make us who we are. 

But now we are hooked, 
On the questions in between 
  F#m                                             E 
That marry you and me, to a song that we can't sing. 
 E              A      E 
Ohh ohh ohh ohh woah ohh ohh 

 E                A       E 
Oh, to know where secrets go 
          A                E 
We could start a fire and watch it grow 
          A                  E 
We could bury our shoes and wait for rain 
          A              E 
Till the summer takes us home 

E           A    E 
Ohh ohh ohh woah ohh 

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