Aidan Knight

Skip Chords

Aidan Knight

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by tercmoraes

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verse 1 

F          Am 
Frank Candelori 
Eb          Bb 
Cutting his hair 
Dm         G 
Pacing the stages 
       Bb          F 
In the boroughs of New York 

verse 2 

F             Am 
If life was a slipstream 
          Eb         Bb 
Skip just ran out of steam 
Dm        G 
Tired of standing up 
    Bb         F 
For what he believed 


Flute and Guitar solos x3 
F    Am    Eb   Bb 
Dm   G     Bb   F 


(in Fm) 
Fm   Eb    Ab   C      x2 

verse 3 

     F          Am 
When all of the edges 
Eb             Bb 
Aren't always straight 
Dm        G 
Will you withstand it 
Bb        F 
Or let it break 

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